Where Lifetime Learning Begins

Our Classrooms


  • Help use their senses to explore their world
  • Read board or cloth picture books
  • Investigate music through singing and musical toys


  • Help begin stacking rings
  • Explores objects by touching, shaking, banging and mouthing
  • Uses finger and thumb to pick up objects

Toddlers A & B

  • Help begin stacking a few blocks
  • Uses two to three word sentences
  • Teach body parts and begin teaching clothing


  • Follows simple step directions
  • Points and names objects in books/environment
  • Manipulate balls with stiff body movements


  • Refines body movements – throw, catch, kick
  • Sorts objects by shape and size
  • Learning colors, numbers, shapes, and a few letters


  • Understand and respond to cues relating to positional words
  • Building flexible body movements
  • Learn appropriate ways to display emotions


  • Using creativity to invent games, draw pictures and improve imagination
  • Identifies letters of the alphabet and numbers 1-20
  • Understand and respect rules

School Crew

  • ​Increasing problem-solving abilities
  • Improve coordination and reaction time
  • Develop higher levels of responsibility

Tuesday & Thursdays

Nursery School

Nursery School is for children who are 3 years old and toilet trained by September 15. Nursery School class times are 8:30 am to 11:15 am, two days a week. Classes run on Tuesday and Thursday each week. Nursery School runs from September through May. Our main focus is on colors, shapes, numbers, letters, name, and fine motor skills.

We offer theme-based curriculum with toys and activities to match the weekly theme. We implement math and science in a variety of ways. Nursery school offers children social and physical development and how to express their feelings appropriately and communicate both with other children and adults.

There is a $15 non-refundable registration fee for Nursery School due prior to enrollment. Nursery School is $23.00 per week plus $1.50 snack fee, even if your child doesn’t attend. DHS and Wrap Child Care Assistance do not cover the Nursery School registration, weekly, or snack fees. 

Dedicated to teaching your child

Program Philosophy

Children’s World is a developmental learning center whose main goal is to provide high-quality care in a safe and nurturing environment that promotes the development of the whole child while responding to families’ needs. We believe that families are the primary educators of their children. The role of our program is to partner with the families in the care and education of each child.

​Our center promotes a child-first attitude. Your child and his/her well-being is our top priority. It is the responsibility of every staff member to work as a team to ensure a high quality of care is provided by Children’s World.

​Children’s World strives to provide the following to your child:

  • ​Providing a safe, consistent, and nurturing atmosphere.
  • Respect your child and appreciate them for his/her unique characteristics.
  • Allow your child to grow and explore at their own rate.
  • Provide a consistent daily routine that includes a balance of activities and quiet time.
  • Make nutritious snacks, breakfasts, and lunches available that contribute to the growth and development of a healthy child.
  • Offer alternatives when your child demonstrates inappropriate behavior, set limits for your child, and provide your child with natural and logical consequences for their behavior.

We ask families to partner with Children’s World staff by doing the following:

  • ​Ask questions and provide information about the developmental needs of your child.
  • Keep informed of your child’s care and development by talking to staff and reading daily sheets and other written communications.
  • Work with the staff to find viable solutions to problems as needed.

We make learning fun

Our Curriculum

Children’s World uses FunShine Express Curriculum. This curriculum is aligned with early learning standards and guidelines across the nation. Each classroom incorporates age-appropriate activities for that month’s curriculum themes for the children. Lesson plans with these activities are posted in the classroom each week.

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